Queens NYPD Officers Help Deliver Healthy Baby Boy

On Saturday, January 27, Police Officers Leudesdorff and Bermudez responded to a 911 call for a woman in labor within the confines of the 113 Precinct. When they arrived at the residence, the father directed the officers to a room where the pregnant mother was lying on a bed. While Officer Bermudez coordinated with EMS, Officer Leudesdorff helped determine that the woman’s contractions were two minutes apart and the baby was well on his way.

Calling upon her experience as a mother, Officer Leudesdorff was able to coach the woman through the birthing process. Once the baby was born, Police Officer Leudesdorff tapped him on his back in order to kick-start the flow of oxygen and ensure that his airways were clear. After the 6-pound 10-ounce baby began crying, Officer Leudesdorff handed the newborn off to his mother to hold for the first time. As a mother of three and stepmother to one, Officer Leudesdorff describes this moment as the highlight of her career:

“Helping deliver a beautiful boy, hearing that first cry, putting him on his mother and seeing the joy and relief on her face…it’s something I will never forget as a mother and a cop.”

Within a few minutes, EMS arrived and transported the mother and baby to a nearby hospital in healthy condition. Later that day, Officers Leudesdorff and Bermudez brought flowers to the mother in the hospital and congratulated them on the beautiful addition to their family.