NYPD Neighborhood Policing Officers Make An Arrest, Recover More Than $250,000 In In Counterfeit Merchandise In Brooklyn

NYPD police officers arrested a store owner on Fulton Street in Brooklyn and recovered counterfeited merchandise valued at more than $250,000. Neighborhood Coordination Officers Walters and Priore, both assigned to the 75 Precinct, received numerous complaints that a store on Fulton Street was selling counterfeit material including watches, shoes, and clothing  claiming to be well-known brands such as Adidas, Burberry, Timberland and others. The officers investigated the complaints and on January 25, they conducted an operation at the store, which involved other units from the precinct, where the owner was arrested and more than 800 pieces of counterfeit merchandise was recovered.

“I’m proud of our NCO’s (Neighborhood Coordination Officers)- they followed through with the community complaints from beginning to end,” said Inspector John Chell, Commanding Officer of the 75 Precinct.

“This is a great example of the shared responsibility between the police and the community- it shows it really does work.”