NYPD Housing Chief Returns To Development Where He Grew Up (CBS News)

“A lot of memories – a lot of good memories, actually,” said James Secreto, the NYPD Chief of Housing.

When Secreto met with Grymes, he was not just walking his beat. He was also walking to his very childhood home.

“This was my apartment right here, 6A,” he said as he pointed to a door. He reminisced about riding bikes around the looping hallway.

Secreto grew up in the Albany Houses in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It is now one of more than 300 city housing developments he oversees as the NYPD chief of housing.

“I feel like I owe the people who live here — the residents — to make it as safe as I can for them,” Chief Secreto said.

The chief came back to his old building on Tuesday — chatting with old friends, listening to residents, and talking with CBS2. He said he always wanted to be a police officer.

“Not all of what I saw growing up was good. We saw some bad things with the cops,” Secreto said. “But we wanted to change things from the inside.”

He has been on the job for 37 years, taking over as housing chief in 2014.

“Especially as a former resident, I do have a stake in this,” Secreto said.

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