NYPD Detectives Discuss Crime Prevention, Vision Zero with Queens Seniors

Earlier this month, NYPD detectives met with senior citizens in Flushing, Queens, as part of a broad effort to reach out to the Asian American community.

Detectives Janet Zhang and Dominick Scotto gathered at the Nan Shan Senior Center in Flushing, a neighborhood hub for senior citizens maintained by the Chinese-American Planning Council, one of the largest and oldest nonprofit organizations dedicated to serving Asian Americans. Both detectives are assigned to the Police Commissioner’s Liaison Unit, which serves as the primary link between the Office of the Police Commissioner and other outside agencies, groups, and communities.

At the meeting, the detectives provided crime prevention tips in the lead-up to the Lunar New Year festivities, which begins on Friday, February 16. Celebrants traditionally distribute money-filled “red envelopes” to friends and family during the 15 days of Lunar New Year, and senior citizens can be particularly susceptible to robbery and fraud in this time. The detectives also discussed ongoing efforts to reduce traffic fatalities in Queens, as part of the citywide Vision Zero initiative.

In addition to similar outreach events, the Police Commissioner’s Liaison Unit helps organize neighborhood policing roll-out meetings throughout the city, ensuring that residents, local business owners, clergy members, and the other civic organizations are invited to participate.

“Given the number of attendees at each meeting, we know that the community welcomes neighborhood policing,” said Detective Zhang.

“Our neighbors want to work closely with the NYPD to fight crime and to live in safety. The community has high expectations about the neighborhood coordination officer program, and our NCOs are motivated and challenged by those expectations.”