Tourniquet Technology & NYPD Police Officers’ Quick Actions Are Saving Lives

(NY Post)- Every NYPD cop will be trained in the use of lifesaving tourniquet technology used by American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan — to deal with potential mass casualties from terror attacks.

Uniformed officers will be receiving kits of QuikClot, a sponge-like gauze pressure dressing relied on in combat, and special instructions on how to use the equipment, officials said.

“The training and the products that they’re issuing . . . now — they’re just making us be able to do our job better,’’ said Detective Meghan Kinsella.

And she would know — Kinsella used the special kit last week to save a suicidal man in Queens.

On Wednesday, Kinsella and her partner were responding to a report of an emotionally disturbed man with a knife at Cranberry, a market on 42nd Road in Queens. By the time they arrived, the man had already slashed his own throat and was lying at the bottom of the stairs “bleeding profusely.”

Read more about this training and about other situations where this technology, along with the quick actions of our officers, is saving people’s lives in the NY Post [HERE]. 

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