NYPD Technology and ‘Smart’ Policing Results In Arrest After Response To Shots Fired Call

On December 26, Field Intelligence Officers Garcia and O’Connor responded to a call of shots fired within the confines of the 44 Precinct. At the scene, the officers observed two men grappling in front of the Bronx location. The officers quickly intervened and separated the men. Through further investigation, the officers determined that the perpetrator had assaulted the complainant when he tried to stop a dispute between the perpetrator and an unknown man who had fled the scene. Other responding officers tactfully ascended to the fifth floor to follow up on the original shots fired job.

As the officers surveyed the area, Police Officer O’Connor spotted a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun and shell casings on the hallway floor. Additionally, the officers noticed damage to a wall in the stairwell and an apartment door completely ajar. Using their department-issued cell phones, Police Officers Garcia and O’Connor were able to identify that the same perpetrator from earlier was the resident of the apartment. The officers were also able to access video footage from the hallway surveillance camera. With this technological assistance, the officers determined that the perpetrator from the earlier dispute also fired a weapon in the hallway, discarded it, and fled the location.

The male was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, strangulation, resisting arrest, and assault.