NYPD Narcotics and Housing Officers Recover Illegal Guns & Drugs

Great collaborative work between the Queens South Narcotics Squad and Police Service Area 9 led to the recovery of a stockpile of illegal guns and drugs. Using intelligence gathered from an ongoing investigation, the units were able to pool information and obtain a search warrant for a known drug location. On January 10, the officers tactfully entered the location and carried out the warrant without incident. The subsequent search yielded one arrest and led to the recovery of the following:

  • .45 caliber Hi-Point semi-automatic firearm
  • .40 caliber Smith & Wesson semi-automatic firearm
  • .357 caliber Dan Wesson revolver
  • .40 caliber Glock semi-automatic firearm
  • .40 caliber Springfield Armory semi-automatic firearm
  • .22 caliber semi-automatic defaced firearm
  • .25 caliber Taurus USA semi-automatic firearm
  • 9 mm Beretta semi-automatic defaced firearm
  • 14 pounds of marijuana
  • 33 grams of ecstasy
  • 11 grams of crack cocaine
  • $6,102
  • Scale