NYPD Probationary Police Officer Helps Manhattan Tourist

“Every time I get to help someone reminds me why I took this job,” said Probationary Police Officer David Freund.

Late last year during the holiday season, police officers on the Upper West Side in Manhattan helped a 20-year-old tourist after a man attempted to rob her. The victim walked into the 24 Precinct shortly before 2:00 a.m. after noticing the police vehicles out front. She had been walking near Amsterdam Avenue and 95 Street when a man grabbed her and demanded money.

Probationary Police Officer David Freund, who graduated the police academy this past July, and his Field Training Officer (FTO) Police Officer Bryant Pineda calmed the woman and drove her around the neighborhood to look for the suspect. The woman observed the suspect in front of a nearby store and alerted the officers who then placed him under arrest.

  • Arrested: Male 57
  • Charges: Attempted Robbery

“The lady was very upset and visibly shaken when she entered the precinct,” said Police Officer Freund.

“I’m glad that we were able to make her feel safer and arrest this man. “