NYPD Police Officers Save Queens Woman Having A Heart Attack

L to R: PO Pistone, PO Quinones

“I’m glad that I was able to save this woman’s life,”said Police Officer Frank Pistone. “My job is to help people not just to make arrests.”

Last month two police officers from the 113 Precinct responded to a home in South Jamaica, Queens after receiving a call of an unconscious woman. Police Officer Frank Pistone and his partner Police Officer Julius Quinones were met by the family members of a 70-year-old woman who informed them that the elderly woman was having a heart attack. Police Officer Pistone immediately began chest compressions and administering CPR until EMS arrived. While CPR was being performed, Police Officer Quinones took the family into another room and was calming and assuring them that the officers were doing everything they could to help her.

“When I started I did not feel a pulse but I felt a faint one right before EMS arrived,” said Police Officer Pistone.

“I have not had to do CPR since being trained in the Police Academy but it all came immediately back to me as soon as I needed it.”

The woman was removed to Jamaica Hospital by EMS and has since recovered and returned home.