NYPD Lieutenants Making Sure We Never Forget Those Who Died In The Line of Duty

Newsday.com: Lt. Michael Ryan, left, and Lt. Steven Weiss, seen on Dec. 19, 2017, work to make sure fallen NYPD officers are not forgotten. Photo Credit: Louis Lanzano

As lieutenants in the NYPD, Steven Weiss and Michael Ryan have high-profile jobs. Weiss, 41, is commander of the active 115th Precinct detective squad in Jackson Heights, Queens, while Ryan, 49, is assigned to the office of the first deputy commissioner at police headquarters.

As important as those jobs may be, Weiss and Ryan said their activities in uncovering the histories of officers who died in the line of duty — sometimes over a century ago and also on Long Island and elsewhere — gives them a great sense of fulfillment and pride.

“It’s a good feeling, something you take a lot of pride in,” said Weiss, who like Ryan is a Nassau County resident. “I have done a lot in my career, and I would rate this up there as one of the top accomplishments, in finding these officers.”

“It is more of a sense of pride that you were able to find a brother officer or sister officer, and they are not going to be forgotten,” Ryan said in describing the importance of their mission.

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