NY1 Inside City Hall: NYPD Chief of Department Monahan & Chief of Patrol Harrison on Neighborhood Policing

(NY1/Inside City Hall)- Newly-promoted Chief of Department Terence Monahan and Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison sat down with Errol Louis to talk about their new roles, the expansion of neighborhood policing, and much more

From the segment:

“It’s not just Neighborhood Coordination Officers- this isn’t just a program, it is all 36,000 police officers. [Neighborhood Policing]is a philosophy of treating one another with respect- treating the community with respect and us, as leaders, treating our cops with respect,” said Chief Monahan.

An important aspect of Neighborhood Policing is the officers are able to adapt their strategies based on the current conditions impacting the area as well as information sharing:

“They are adjusting their tours depending on the concerns going on in the area they cover as well as passing along the intelligence to the sector officers that are very much plugged into Neighborhood Policing,” said Chief Harrison.

When asked if it has been working to his satisfaction, Chief Harrison replied, “Absolutely.”

Watch the full video on NY 1 [HERE].