Meet Police Officer James Seery from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit

“I feel an enormous amount of pride to be part of the greatest police department, protecting the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the world,” said Police Officer James Seery.

On New Year’s Eve, Officer Seery was stationed at 43rd Street and 6th Avenue as he and thousands of NYPD members ensured a fun and safe celebration in Times Square. While Officer Seery has worked countless holidays throughout his 15 years with the department, this was his first New Year’s Eve working the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) detail. From the moment Officer Seery stepped foot in the Police Academy, his ultimate goal was to join ESU. After years of dedication, persistence, and support from his colleagues, in 2015 Officer Seery underwent the intensive training required to become a member of ESU.

All ESU officers are trained in hazardous materials containment, building collapse, vehicle extraction, and counseling emotionally disturbed individuals out of dangerous situations. They are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians and SCUBA specialists. This training came in handy when Officer Seery performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking woman while stationed in Midtown during the United Nations General Assembly. While Officer Seery has enjoyed a fulfilling career in precincts throughout NYC, working with ESU Truck 10 has renewed his sense of purpose as a protector of New York City:

“To be able to help my fellow cops and members of the community in times of crisis has given me an even greater sense of purpose on this job.”

Join us in saying thank you to Officer Seery for spending the holidays ensuring the safety of others and also congratulating him for fulfilling his lifelong dream to serve New Yorkers as a member of ESU.