Local Resident Remembers Transit Officer’s Kindness 3 Years Later

Last week, a local resident walked into Transit District 30 in search of the police officer who helped turn his life around three years ago. In 2015, a man lost his MetroCard and New York State identification while leaving a job interview in Brooklyn. At the time, he was out of work and spent his days tirelessly traveling the city applying for jobs.

When he realized he lost his possessions, he walked into Transit District 30 and encountered Police Officer Love. Considering his unfortunate circumstances, the man felt lost and overwhelmed. Although Officer Love did not know what he was going through, she listened to him and patiently helped him complete the necessary paperwork. Thanks to Officer Love’s guidance, the man was able to report the loss and replace the items. According to the local resident, Officer Love’s help came at a critical time and served as the turning point that led to his current employment:

“Without her help I would not have had the means to travel to test for the position I now hold as ‘train operator’ for the NYCTA,” wrote the man in a heartfelt letter to Officer Love.

In an emotional reunion, the man thanked Police Officer Love for treating him with empathy and respect during a difficult time in his life. While Officer Love believes she was just doing her job, her positive attitude and respect for people of all walks of life shines through every interaction she has with the public. For Officer Love, policing is about service:

“I became a police officer so I could make a difference and change lives.”

Officer Love added that every time she puts on her NYPD uniform, she makes a conscious effort to put a smile on someone’s face and help those in need.