Heroes & Helpers Event Connects Local Cops and Students

In Case You Missed it: Police officers from the 75 Precinct partnered with the Gateway Plaza Target in Brooklyn to spread holiday cheer to local children in need. Through their connection with the Target store in their Precinct, Police Officers Rodney Greenidge and Brion Shibetti became part of the Heroes & Helpers program. The Heroes & Helpers event pairs public safety officials with young people in the community for holiday shopping sprees at Target.

Police Officers Greenidge and Shibetti worked with school officials to identify 32 neighborhood children who would benefit from receiving $100 gift cards to spend on necessities and gifts. On the day of the event, officers from the 75 Precinct ate breakfast with the kids and helped them pick out gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Police Officer Greenidge enjoyed the event because it gave the officers the opportunity to connect with the students in an informal and positive setting. He believes bonding with young people is an important part of building trust with those they are sworn to protect:

“Events like these make people more confident in law enforcement…it’s a great way to strengthen our relationship with the community.”

Following the incredible success of Heroes and Helpers, Police Officer Rodney Greenidge is already in contact with Target to ensure that this event becomes an annual 75 Precinct holiday tradition.