Arrest of Subway Fare Beater Leads to Recovery of Illegal Handgun

On Saturday, January 20, police officers assigned to the Transit Bureau Anti-Terrorism Unit arrested a man in possession of a loaded .32 caliber revolver, after they saw him enter a subway station in the South Bronx without paying a fare.

Police Officers Rafael Martinez and Andrey Drozdov were performing a station inspection at the 138th Street and Third Avenue stop on the 6 line, when they saw a man slip through an exit gate. The officers followed the suspect and stopped him. Upon further investigation, they learned that the suspect was not eligible for a summons. As they placed him under arrest, he revealed that he was carrying a loaded handgun, as well as a folding knife. The suspect was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, his third arrest for this charge.

“Taking a gun off the streets could prevent future violence,” said Officer Drozdov.

“One less gun means a safer New York. We’re proud of that.”

Arrested: Male, 53 years old

Recovered: Loaded H&R Model 732 revolver