785 New Police Recruits Sworn Into the NYPD

Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill welcomed 785 new police recruits to the NYPD in a hiring ceremony held at the Police Academy in College Point. Over the next six months, the recruits will undergo intensive training to prepare for the day-to-day challenges of being a New York City police officer. Before they were sworn in, Police Commissioner O’Neill thanked the recruits and reminded them of the incredible responsibility they are taking on:

“Today you’ll pledge an oath to take on the safety and well-being of millions of people. It’s a big responsibility and we expect big things from you.”

During their time in the Academy, the recruits will go out for field training where they will learn how to protect New Yorkers while making lasting connections with the people they serve. Their training will focus on effective community policing, safe tactics, de-escalation, and communication skills. With the increased threat of terrorism globally, the Police Academy also provides new recruits with the latest counterterror methodologies.

Of the new hires, more than 40% have earned a bachelor’s degree and 73 recruits have served our country in the military. One hundred and eighty-nine of those sworn in speak a foreign language for a total of 27 different languages. One hundred and forty-nine of the newest hires are foreign born, hailing from 42 different countries. As this promising group begins their careers, Police Commissioner O’Neill thanked them for choosing a life of service:

“I want to thank you for making the decision to do something good…to try to make a difference in other people’s lives.”