WWE Stars & NYPD Police Officers Join Forces To Fight School Bullying

Members of the Bronx-based 45 Precinct teamed up with WWE stars CarmellaSin CaraChad Gable, and Greg Hamilton at Edward R. Byrne Middle School to end bullying. The cops and professional wrestlers spoke to students about the importance of treating each other with respect and dignity. Not only did they address bullying issues, but they also shared their own personal stories and offered resources for those in need.

The NYPD has a special connection with the Edward R. Byrne Middle School because it is named after one of our officers who died in the line of duty. Police Officer Edward R. Byrne was shot and killed in his patrol car in 1988 while guarding the home of a witness in a drug case. Members of the NYPD hope to serve as positive role models for the student body and ensure that Officer Edward Byrne’s legacy lives on.

Join us, and our 45 Precinct officers, as we take the pledge to stop bullying and to never forget our fallen heroes.