Remarks Regarding The Police Involved Shooting in The Bronx

Remarks prepared for Chief of Patrol Terence A. Monahan:

At approximately 4:10 a.m. this morning, members of the emergency service division were executing a search warrant issued to seize a firearm and narcotics in a third floor apartment located at 230 Brook Avenue in the Bronx. Upon entering the apartment, two members of the team went to a rear bedroom, where they were confronted by a male brandishing a machete type sword with a two-foot long blade. The uniformed officers ordered the subject to drop weapon and he refused to comply. As the subject continued to approach the lead officer, the officer discharged one shot from his service firearm, striking the subject once in the chest. The officers immediately called for an ambulance and rendered aid. The subject, who has not yet been positively identified, was removed to Lincoln hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased. One other occupant of the apartment, an elderly male, was uninjured but was removed to the hospital for observation. No injuries to the officers were reported. The subject’s weapon was recovered at the scene. The third floor apartment is currently being treated as a crime scene, and a search will continue after the crime scene has been secured.