NYPD December 2017 Police Academy Graduation

More than 400 new protectors of New York City graduated the NYPD Police Academy at a ceremony held at the Beacon Theatre. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill, NYPD executives, elected officials, and loved ones gathered to celebrate the occasion. The December 2017 graduating class includes officers from over 35 countries and officers who speak 48 different languages. Thirty-eight of the graduates have already served our nation in various branches of the military.

Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner O’Neill offered words of encouragement and gratitude to the recruits on their graduation day. During Police Commissioner O’Neill’s remarks, he recognized 23-year-old Probationary Police Officer Jake Siciliano who died last month of leukemia. Police Commissioner O’Neill also took some time to share incredible stories that are a testament to the tradition of service that has defined the NYPD since 1845:

“There’s a reason people decide to become cops. It’s because you understand that cops are regular people who believe in the possibility of making this a safer city and a safer country. And you believe in the possibility of being part of something larger than yourself.”

Retired Detective Strauss, and his two sons who graduated today, embody this legacy of dedication. During the September 11th attacks, Detective Strauss struggled for hours to dig out two Port Authority police officers who had been buried between 40 feet of rubble. Today, retired Detective Strauss and one of the Port Authority police officers he saved cheered on Police Officers Bryan and Scott Strauss as they swore to protect the people of New York City. The newly-named police officers will be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring New Yorkers and visitors alike can enjoy a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. Equipped with the best training in world, they will advance the NYPD’s mission to continue driving crime to historic lows while strengthening our ties with the communities we serve.