Field Training Officers Emphasize the Importance of Physical and Mental Health

(L-R) Police Officer Ambrosino & Police Officer Misilewich

“A healthy mind and body keeps you alert and vigilant to any situation that develops. New Yorkers and your fellow officers depend on you,” said Officer Ambrosino.

Police Officers Ambrosino and Misilewich of the 75 Precinct believe the best way to start a tour is with a nutritious breakfast. Although Officer Misilewich admits it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise schedule while on patrol, he knows that staying in top physical condition is an essential part of protecting the people of Brooklyn. As field training officers (FTOs), this health-conscious duo hopes to instill the importance of physical and mental health in some of the NYPD’s newest members:

“As FTOs, this positive mindset can make a lasting impression on new officers throughout their careers. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better,” said Officer Misilewich.

Every day, Officers Ambrosino and Misilewich encourage each other’s growth. While on patrol, they keep each other motivated by finding new healthy restaurants and encouraging each other to stick to their workouts. Before he became one of New York’s Finest, Officer Ambrosino worked for several years as a personal trainer and continues to incorporate new classes, such as yoga, into his normal exercise routine. Officer Misilewich stays fit by regularly training for half marathons and cycling in his spare time. Join us in thanking Officers Ambrosino and Misilewich for the potent reminder that in order to best serve the public, police officers must also take care of their physical and mental health needs.