Queens Anti-Crime Unit Receives CompStat Award for the Arrest of an Armed Gang Member

(L-R): Police Officer Daniel Connors, Police Officer Alicia Commisso, Police Officer Joseph Paige, Police Officer, and Mark Lewis

Members of the 113 Precinct Anti-Crime Team received the CompStat award for safely arresting an armed gang member while in the vicinity of a Queens middle school dismissal. On October 24, 113 Precinct officers received a report of a shooting on Sutphin Boulevard. Patrol units responded to the location and confirmed a male had been shot in the left leg with a .380 caliber firearm.

Working on their knowledge of gang-related violence in the area, the anti-crime team strategically decided to conduct a canvas in another area rather than the shooting location. While interviewing residents in the area, the officers spotted a known suspected gang member. When the man saw the police, he immediately fled. Due to their knowledge of the area, they entered a driveway and observed the suspect with a black semi-automatic pistol in his right hand. As the officers approached the individual, he fled through Rochdale Village towards a local middle school. Considering the safety of the school children in the area, the officers maintained extreme firearms control.

Working as a team, the anti-crime officers apprehended the perpetrator and recovered a loaded .380 Bersa firearm without incident. The suspect was additionally wanted for two homicides within the 105 and 113 Precincts.