NYPD Hosts Operation Sentry: An Annual Counterterrorism Coalition

The NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau hosted the 11th annual Operation Sentry Conference in which hundreds of law enforcement partners gathered inside Police Headquarters. The conference is a multi-regional, multi-agency collaboration designed to help detect potential threats to New York that originate outside the city and share information with other agencies about their respective cities. The program also serves as a network through which gang, narcotics, and other criminal data may be securely disseminated between agencies nationwide. By exchanging resources and information, agencies learned how to better detect, respond to, and prevent future attacks.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill welcomed the attendees to Police Headquarters and emphasized the importance of working together to develop innovative and effective ways to keep the people we serve safe:

“One of the mantras of the Operation Sentry program is ‘strength in unity’ and it’s very true. The challenges of modern policing require strong interagency relationships and reliable partnerships both here and abroad.”

Today’s conference included speakers from the NYPD as well as national and international law enforcement agencies. Representatives from several agencies that have recently dealt with high profile cases of terrorism reflected on the incident in their area and shared information on how to prevent similar attacks in the future. Colonel Steve Kinsey of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office broke down the timeline of the Fort Lauderdale airport attack and shared lessons learned from that day. Assistant Sheriff Thomas Roberts of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detailed the events of the Las Vegas active shooter and analyzed their response. Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Joe Vazquez Aznarez examined their investigation and response to the Barcelona terror attack at Las Ramblas. Additionally, Senior Intelligence Analyst Robert Nill from the United States Department of Homeland Security gave a presentation on domestic terrorism. NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence John J. Miller and Deputy Director of Intelligence Analysis Ravi Satkalmi shared what the NYPD does every day to keep all New Yorkers protected.