The NYPD Celebrates the Marine Corps’ 242nd Birthday

NYPD members who serve both our city and country gathered at One Police Plaza to celebrate the Marine Corps’ 242nd birthday. The annual event, held by the NYPD Marine Corps Association, honors those who have a dual heritage as police officers and United States Marines. Colonel Todd P. Simmons, of the Marine Fellow Council on Foreign Relations, was the keynote speaker and received the Leatherneck Appreciation Award.

For the last 24 years, Marine Corps veterans and NYPD executives have gathered in honor of the birthdate of the United States Marine Corps. During his remarks, Police Commissioner O’Neill emphasized the underlining dedication to service that compels a person to join both organizations:

“Many of you have answered two callings….you protect our city: our neighbors and the people all around us. And our country: our freedoms and our values.”

Sergeant John Coughlin, Detective Omar Wallace, Detective Michael Curtin, and Detective John Casale received awards for their outstanding bravery and vocational service.