Neighborhood Policing Is Solving Community Problems

L to R: NCO Paola Russel, NCO Joaquin Sepulveda

“Our Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) teams listen very carefully to community complaints and continue to come up with positive solutions,” said Captain Vincent Greany the commanding officer of the 9 Precinct.

“Our police officers continue to strengthen relations with neighborhood residents as crime continues to go down in the East Village.”

Two Lower East Side Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) took action to resolve a local problem after speaking to an area resident. The community member provided information regarding drug activity at the 9 Precinct Community Council monthly meeting. NCO Joaquin Sepulveda and his partner NCO Paola Russel collected the details and took immediate action.

The officers focused their patrol activity on the location and as a result of their work, they were able to arrest a man for selling narcotics. Their continued effort along Avenue C, as well as collaboration with Sergeant Johnson, the Field Intelligence Officer (FIO), led to a recent search warrant.

The search warrant, which was conducted at a location on Haven Place on Wednesday, October 26, resulted in the FIO team and the two NCOs resulted in one arrest and the recovery of:

  • 673 glassines of heroin
  • 3 glassine envelopes of cocaine
  • $23,322. in United States currency
  • 3 lbs of marijuana
  • Digital Scales
  • Narcotics packaging
  • 1 Samsung cellular phone
  • 4 Gravity knives
  • 1 Stun gun


  • Male, 54 years old


  • Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon
  • Criminal Possession of Marijuana

(L-R: FIO PO Arroyo, NCO PO Sepulveda, FIO Det. Donahue)