Names of 18 Officers Who Died in the Line of Duty Added to the Hall of Heroes


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Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill, NYPD members from throughout the city and families of the fallen Finest gathered at One Police Plaza as 18 names were added to the Hall of Heroes. The ceremony honored 18 historical line of duty deaths that occurred between 1869 and 1976. Although some deaths were ruled line of duty at the time, none of the names were inscribed on our Memorial Wall. Family members of the fallen officers were present to pay their respects as their relatives were memorialized.

During Police Commissioner O’Neill’s remarks, he emphasized that our incredible strides as a department are built on the efforts of those who came before us:

“All of the good that we’ve accomplished since our start in 1845 has taken sacrifice and this room will always be a reminder of that. The passage of decades does not erase their valor or our absolute need to remember their actions.”

As members of the NYPD, it is our duty to make sure future generations of New Yorkers never forget the lives of our fallen. Every time a member of the NYPD passes through headquarters, they will understand the tremendous legacy they are a part of.

The following members of the service were added to the Hall of Heroes (some photos not available):


Gerard P. Apuzzi

107 Precinct

Died May 4, 1969, of carbon monoxide poisoning due to damages to the RMP’s piping.


Charles A. Berberich

172 Precinct (current 70 Precinct)

Died November 15, 1908, of electrocution while attempting to save a woman and 2 children from coming into contact with a live wire.


Gustave A. Boettger

Traffic Precinct D

Died July 13, 1922, due to injuries from a fractured skull he suffered 12 years prior while trying to stop an out-of-control horse-drawn wagon.


John Branagan

43 Precinct (current 68 Precinct)

Died August 10, 1869, after being crushed between a truck and a gatepost.


George Caccavale

Transit Police

Died June 26. 1976, off duty, when he was shot during a bank robbery.


Charles J. Cameron

114 Precinct

Died July 17, 1904, while on plainclothes duty at an orchestra when a fight broke out; Detective Cameron was shot by an on-duty uniformed member of the service.


George Dapping

37 Precinct

Died September 24, 1915, a day after entering a riot at a picnic and being shot.


William H. Galbraith


Died November 8, 1911, of a fractured skull, 9 days after being thrown from his horse while on patrol.


Thomas F. Gallagher

49 Precinct

Died February 8, 1907, when struck by a horse-drawn fire engine while saving the life of a newspaper boy.


John E. Hoey


Died October 4, 1901, after the horse he was riding was startled by an automobile; Patrolmen Hoey was thrown from his horse and fatally struck by the car.


Martin Maloney

38 Precinct

Died September 18, 1921, off duty, while attempting to rescue a drowning woman.


William Martin

Transit Police

Died April 9, 2011, of injuries sustained from an April 1981 incident – when he was brutally assaulted by a sleeping vagrant he encountered.


John W. McCormick

Comptroller’s Detail

Died July 9, 1910, after his vehicle with a faulty tire struck a rough patch in the road and overturned.


Daniel C. O’Connor

Highway District

Died March 14, 1974, after an accident two months prior – when his RMP was struck by a civilian car, ejecting him from the vehicle.


Bryan L. O’Donnell

171 Precinct (current 66 Precinct)

Died June 11, 1916, after fracturing his skull when he fell 12 feet while chasing a disorderly group.


Thomas F.J. O’Grady

283 Precinct Mounted (now 102 Precinct)

Died August 24, 1916, after his horse slipped and threw him to the ground while responding to a riot call.


Dennis Shea

Brooklyn Bridge Squad

Died November 4, 1902, in a massive explosion at a fireworks display in Madison Square Park (12 people died, more than 70 were injured).


George M. Yeager

8 Precinct (Leonard Street Station)

Died July 3, 1905, from an incident 10 days prior where, after responding to a fire, he attempted to climb out a window and lost his footing, falling to the sidewalk, fracturing his skull.