Housing Officers Presented CompStat Award for Safely Apprehending an Armed Felony Assault Suspect

NYPD Housing Police Officers Pagano and Crerand, of the Police Service Area 3 Ceasefire Team, received the NYPD CompStat Award last week for their impressive coordination and sound tactics while responding to a potentially dangerous incident in Brooklyn. On October 9, Field Intelligence Officer O’Neill was investigating a suspect’s social media accounts when he determined the suspect was in possession of a firearm. Through further investigation, Officer O’Neill established the suspect’s location and immediately shared this information with the Ceasefire Team on patrol.

When Officers Pagano and Crerand received this lead, they passed along the information to the 79 Precinct officers who were assigned to the command post directly adjacent to the location. Together, they set a plan of action. When the officers moved in to apprehend the suspect, he fled while brandishing a firearm. As Officers Pagano and Crerand pursued the suspect, officers from the 79 Precinct cut off his route in the front. After a brief foot pursuit, the suspect was apprehended while trying to scale a fence. A loaded .380 Smith and Wesson firearm and narcotics were recovered from the scene.

Over the last year and a half, Officers Pagano and Crerand have adapted to their new position in the Ceasefire Unit with overwhelming success. Within the last month alone, they have affected an arrest for strong arm robbery and have apprehended two known gang members for armed robberies. It is for this arrest, and their hard work throughout the year, that they were presented with the Chief of Department’s CompStat Award.