(PIX11) Hero Cops Save Baby Who Stopped Breathing at Manhattan Subway Station

MANHATTAN – NYPD officers were at the right place at the right time Thursday evening.

An 11-month-old baby stopped breathing at the 42nd Street Subway station on 8th Avenue, and her parents started panicking.

Nearby officers were quick to report to the incident, and Officer Daniel Velasquez immediately started performing CPR until the baby started breathing.

Sgt. Mike Reilly told press that he heard commotion outside the command center and saw Officer Velasquez performing CPR, although the baby did not appear too responsive.

CPR continued until Officer John Williams came onto the scene and he immediately noticed the baby’s symptoms. “I noticed the baby was extremely hot and overheating. I realized she was having a febrile seizure- you just overheat,” Williams said.

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