Search Warrant Nets Illegal Firearm, Drugs, and Forged Credit Cards in Brooklyn

Great collaborative work between several 73 Precinct units resulted in the seizure of a firearm, illegal drugs, and forged credit cards in Brooklyn. While on routine patrol, Police Officer Joseph received intelligence regarding dangerous illegal activity. When Officer Joseph shared this information with the precinct Field Intelligence Officers (FIOs), they followed up with the investigation. Sergeant Walsh, Officer Furegno, and Officer Kalish worked together to build a case and establish probable cause. Officer Furegno believes communication throughout the command is a key part of their precinct’s success:

“The 73 FIOs, in collaboration with all the officers in our command, take great pride in taking as many illegal firearms and narcotics off the streets of Brownsville as we can.”

Once they received approval for a search warrant, the 73 Precinct FIOs coordinated with Emergency Service Unit to carry out the warrant. The subsequent search led to four arrests and the seizure of illegal contraband. Officer Furegno hopes by pursuing the small number of people who commit crimes they can help uplift the rest of the community:

“Together, with the help of the community, we at the 73 Precinct hope this neighborhood will continue to flourish and remain safe for years to come.”

The following items were recovered:

  • 1 loaded .25 caliber Raven Arms pistol
  • 83 rounds of ammunition
  • 1 Ziploc bag of crack cocaine
  • 1 ½ lbs. of marijuana
  • 24 forged credit cards