Car Stop Results In Arrests & Shotgun Recovered By Bronx NYPD Officers

L to R: PO Vargas, PO Jean, PO German-Frias, Sgt Noce and PO Alvarez

“We noticed a lot of movement from the passenger and we got concerned when we saw him reach under the seat,” said Police Officer Juan German–Frias of the PSA 8 Anti-Crime Team.

“The sawed-off shotgun was in plain view on the floor. Its things like this that remind you just how dangerous this job is.”

A late night car stop for a defective headlight resulted in the recovery of a sawed-off shotgun in the Bronx recently. On Friday, September 22 members of the Police Service Area 8’s Anti-Crime Team observed a 2010 Toyota Camry pass them with an inoperable front headlight and illegally tinted windows. The police officers stopped the vehicle and recovered a loaded sawed-off shotgun along with a quantity of marijuana. The driver and a passenger were placed under arrest.

Recovered: Savage Arms single-barrel sawed-off shotgun


  • Male, 30 years old
  • Male, 28 years old


  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon
  • Unlawful Possession of Marijuana