Statement by Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill on the Conviction of Ahmad Rahimi

“Ahmed Rahimi deliberately placed two bombs on the streets of Chelsea in the dark of night with the intention of maiming and killing innocent New Yorkers enjoying a September Saturday night. The fact that victims were not killed when one bomb exploded and another failed to detonate is miraculous. Mr. Rahimi was following the hateful propaganda of al-Qaida and ISIS that calls for the killing of Americans. The combined efforts of the FBI, NYPD, the New York State Police and the Linden New Jersey Police Department led to the capture of Mr. Rahimi within 50 hours of the bombing. The investigation, as well as this conviction, is an example of the work of the nation’s best counterterrorism team.”

“I want to commend the detectives, agents, police officers, the prosecutors of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and members of the jury for bringing Ahmed Rahimi to justice. Today’s verdict is the most forceful deterrent for anyone considering waging terror in our City. We will investigate; we will find those responsible; and justice will prevail.”

James P. O’Neill

Police Commissioner, New York City Police Department