Queens Officers Receive CompStat Award for Their Exceptional Investigative Skills and Use of NYPD Technology

Queens officers received the CompStat Award for their rigorous investigative work and clever use of NYPD technology while responding to a fatal shooting. On September 17th, members of the 113 Anti-Crime team responded to a radio run and discovered a woman with a gunshot wound to her head. Within minutes, the officers on scene suspected that the victim’s boyfriend had shot her and fled the location on foot. A mobilization of officers was immediately requested as 113 Anti-Crime personnel started searching the area.

As they gathered information from community members, a few quick-witted officers utilized their NYPD smart phones to look up information on the suspect. Using the information available to them, the officers were able to find a secondary address for the suspect in Queens within the confines of the 105 Precinct.

Sergeant Jurgens, Police Officer O’Doherty, and Police Officer Diaz responded to the 105 Precinct location and conducted surveillance. As they scoured the area, one of the officers pulled up a photo of the suspect on his department phone. About an hour later, they spotted the suspect in front of the apartment exiting a delivery van with a shoebox in hand. As the officers tactically approached the subject, he dropped the shoebox and was taken into custody without incident. The officers recovered a .45 caliber Sig Sauer handgun inside the shoebox.