Quality of Life Transit Stop Nets Stolen Revolver

A routine quality of life inspection by two NYPD Transit District 20 officers resulted in the recovery of a stolen firearm that originated in Georgia. Police Officer Xavier Salgado and Police Officer Shiyang Shen were securing the subway station at 179th Street when an MTA employee informed them of a sleeping passenger. Concerned for the straphanger’s safety, the officers approached the man for a wellness check. When the officers asked the man to stand up, Officer Shen observed a gun fall out of the suspect’s pants pocket to the ground.

The officers immediately handcuffed the suspect and safeguarded the loaded Taurus .38 revolver pistol. Back at Transit District 20, the officers ran a lost or stolen firearm inquiry search that revealed the pistol was reported stolen by a security guard in Cobb County, Georgia. The perpetrator was charged with criminal possession of a weapon 2nd degree and criminal possession of stolen property. The perpetrator was also wanted for an armed robbery within the confines of Brooklyn’s 84 Precinct.