Neighborhood Policing In Queens

L to R: NCO PO Kenneth Mc Garvey, NCO PO Jessica Garcia

“As neighborhood coordination officers we are constantly able to be visible and available as we make our way through the neighborhood,” said NCO Sergeant Raznikiewicz of the 110 Precinct.

Earlier this month, a 14-year-old boy flagged down two 110 Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) in front of the Queens Center Mall and asked for help. He had recently noticed his cell phone was missing and used a friend’s phone to call it. An unidentified man picked up and told him that he could have it back for a sum of money.

The NCOs helped the young man safely make arrangements to meet the suspect in front of a local McDonalds at 59 Avenue and Queens Boulevard. The two police officers waited nearby and arrested a 14-year-old suspect when he arrived to make the transaction. They were able to later return the missing phone to the victim.

Arrested: Male 14

Charges: Grand Larceny