Memorial Wall Honors Fallen Members of the Fugitive Enforcement Division

The Fugitive Enforcement Division (FED) held a memorial wall and plaque dedication ceremony honoring three members of the NYPD who were killed while assigned to the Warrant Section. Hundreds of active and retired members of the service joined the honorees’ families to remember Police Officer Charles Davis, Detective Fermin “Sonny” Archer, and Detective Joseph Lemm. These are the first names to be inscribed on the FED’s Memorial Wall.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill and the Commanding Officer of the FED, Chief Kenneth Lehr, spoke about the officers’ dedication and sacrifice. Their decision to work in the FED despite the division’s risks is a testament to their incredible integrity:

“I know the reality of how dangerous your work in the Fugitive Enforcement Division can be. This is a special place and it takes a special kind of cop to work here.

“Thank you for all you do for this city, this department, and for the people of New York,” said Police Commissioner O’Neill.

In addition to serving New Yorkers, Detective Joseph Lemm served in the Air National Guard. He was killed in action in Afghanistan on his third overseas deployment. Loved ones of our fallen heroes were given the opportunity to share words of remembrance. After the ceremony, family members and honored guests were invited inside for the plaque unveiling. The Memorial Wall is located at the Fugitive Enforcement Division Headquarters and will serve as a potent reminder of their legacies of service.

Honorees’ Biographies

Police Officer Charles Davis

Police Officer Charles Davis was appointed to the New York City Police Department on January 26, 1988. After graduating from the Police Academy he performed patrol duty in both the 103 and 100 Precincts. During that time Officer Davis had the distinction of being entrusted by the NYPD to participate in the Department’s original Community Policing Program. His performance earned him an investigative track assignment within the Warrant Section’s Manhattan office. Police Officer Davis was highly respected by the rank and file in the NYPD.

On December 21, 1996, Officer Davis while off-duty and opening a local check cashing store on Astoria Boulevard in Queens, he was ambushed by several armed gunmen. As Officer Davis attempted to thwart the robbery, he was fatally shot.

Detective 1st Grade Fermin “Sonny” Archer

Detective 1st Grade, Fermin “Sonny” Archer was appointed to the New York City Police Department on July 8, 1985. Detective Archer’s career included assignments in the Transit Bureau, Cold Case Squad, the Police Commissioner’s Office, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Squad, and the Warrant Section’s Regional Fugitive Task Force. He was promoted to Detective 2nd Grade in December 1995, and Detective 1st Grade in December 2000. He was also awarded the Police Combat Cross in 1991.

On June 10, 2011 Detective Archer was involved in a vehicle accident while on duty resulting in serious internal injuries. He was hospitalized and subsequently passed away from his injuries on July 13th 2011.

Detective Joseph Lemm

Detective Joseph Lemm was appointed to the New York City Police Department on March 1, 2000. Detective Lemm performed duty in the 48 Precinct, and Bronx Borough Anti-Crime where he effected over 400 arrests before being assigned to the Warrant Section’s Bronx Office.

Detective Lemm also served The United States Military as a Technical Sergeant in the Air National Guard. He was deployed to three combat tours overseas in Afghanistan, and Iraq. On December 21, 2015, Detective Lemm was serving with the 105th Base Defense Squadron in Afghanistan when he, along with five other American service members, were killed in an explosion detonated by a suicide bomber.