Crime Stoppers: Water Could Help Solve a New York City Cold Case

(WABC) –Evidence from Rainfall and drinking water could help the New York Police Department crack a nearly 15-year-old homicide in Midtown Manhattan.

Police reports indicate the young woman dubbed “Midtown Jane Doe” was found wrapped in a rug and buried in a cement box in an apartment complex basement at 301 W 46th Street.

Maps based on the isotopic analysis strongly favor the likelihood that Jane Doe was from the Midwest Detective Hahn said.

It’s still a bit of a long shot for Detective Hahn, but he’s hopeful this new material will help him crack the case that’s stuck with him for years.

Anyone with information about this case and who may know this girl can call Crime Stoppers for an up to $2,500 reward.

That number is 1-800-577-TIPS.