Bronx Anti-Crime Team Apprehends Armed Suspect

(L-R): Police Officer Hoxha, Police Officer Aybar, and Police Officer Yakubovsky

Members of the 42 Precinct Anti-Crime team were patrolling the streets of the Bronx when a call came over the radio about a male holding a victim at gunpoint on Jennings Street. As the officers approached the area, they spotted a man that fit the suspect’s description. The officers immediately pulled over and approached him for questioning.

When the suspect saw the plainclothes officers approaching, he fled on foot. Officers Aybar and Hoxha pursued the suspect as Sergeant Velez and Officer Casey sought to cut him off ahead in their department vehicle. During the foot pursuit, the suspect turned into an alley and descended the stairs to a basement apartment. Officers Aybar and Hoxha were able to catch up to the suspect before he entered the building. As they apprehended the suspect, Officers Aybar and Hoxha informed Sergeant Velez that they had heard the suspect drop something while fleeing. Sergeant Velez searched the staircase and recovered a firearm. With assistance from Officer Yakubovsky, and other members of the Anti-Crime team, the officers arrested the suspect without further incident.

The Anti-Crime team’s astute observations, sound tactics, and seamless coordination resulted in the swift apprehension of this dangerous perpetrator. Sergeant Velez believes this is just another example of the exceptional work members of the 42 Precinct do every single day:

“The great work by the Anti-Crime team that night is a reflection of the great work being done by the officers in the 42 Precinct. We are dedicated to keeping the Bronx safe and getting illegal guns off our streets.”