NYPD Transit Borough Bronx & Queens Annual Awards Ceremony

Transit Boroughs Bronx and Queens held their annual Recognition Awards Ceremony honoring members of the service for their outstanding work throughout the year. Police Commissioner James O’Neill, Chief of Transit Joseph Fox, Inspector Christopher Tamola, and PBA President Pat Lynch addressed the awardees and thanked them for their dedication to NYC. Family and friends joined the celebratory event to cheer on their loved ones as they received awards.

Police Commissioner O’Neill presided over the award ceremony and reflected on the incredible strides the NYPD has made to keep our transit system safe. During his remarks, Police Commissioner O’Neill led with a strong reminder that although their successes often go unnoticed, the work NYPD officers do every day makes a difference in people’s lives:

“What you do really makes a difference. It makes a difference in the lives of the 6 million people who ride our subways every day.”

As a former transit cop, Police Commissioner O’Neill spoke proudly about all that officers do to ensure that straphangers arrive at their destinations safely. Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and to the loved ones who continue to support them.