NYPD Gives Back to Local Shelter Residents at Annual Community Day

Some police officers are barbecuing to build bridges between the community and the NYPD. NY1’s Shannan Ferry explains from Rochdale. 

Angel Cosme loves to move to the beat of the music.

So, when the 5-year-old spotted a DJ near his home, he seemed pretty happy.

Reporter: “Why is this fun?”

Cosme: “Because I like to dance!”

Angel lives at the Belt Park Family Center with his mother Veronica Cosme.

But on Thursday, she said the shelter felt like more of a home than ever before.

The NYPD transformed the parking lot into a free festival full of good music, games and grilling.

“Events like this makes it a whole lot easier to make our kids more comfortable, because like I say you know like it is a struggle for us,” said Veronica Cosme.

It’s the second annual community day barbecue hosted by the 113 Precinct.

The goal is to build bridges between shelter residents and members of the NYPD.

“Everyone in life has an obstacle to go through, and you need to be there to help that person out,” said Det. Tanya Duhaney.

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