Hero of the Month: NYPD Captain Ray Jenkins Thwarts Armed Robbery While off Duty for 2nd Time in His Career (NY Daily News)

(NY Daily News)– NYPD Capt. Ray Jenkins knows a cop is never truly off duty.

He also knows lightning can strike twice.

In 2005, as a rookie, he and a fellow cop were on their way to work when they thwarted an armed robbery at a Brooklyn gas station. The teen gunman was threatening to shoot Jenkins, then 22, but the cop was able to convince the suspect to drop his gun.

At the time his actions earned him and Officer Jermaine Webb a Daily News “Hero of the Month” honor.

In July, Jenkins answered a similar call. He had just left his home in Queens and was on his way to the gym when he got information about a man who was nearby with a gun. Jenkins quickly jumped into action to help other cops bust the gunman before he made good on a threat to commit an armed robbery.

For that, Jenkins is once again The News’ “Hero of the Month” — the newspaper’s first two-time recipient.

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