Good Samaritan Lends His Bike to Officer in Pursuit of Fleeing Suspect

Thanks to the work of a determined cop and a helpful cyclist, a violent drug user was apprehended in the Bronx. Police Officers Kendrick and Cruz were patrolling New York City’s Public Housing Police Service Area 7 when they noticed a troubled man on the corner of 135th Street and Brooke Avenue. As the officers approached the man, they saw he was holding several bags of heroin in his hands. When Officer Kendrick inquired about the drugs, the perpetrator ingested the doses. Officer Kendrick immediately requested EMS to ensure the man did not overdose and received medical attention. When Officer Kendrick called over the radio, the man became irate and physically attacked the officers. After a struggle, the perpetrator fled with Officer Kendrick on his tail.

After chasing the perpetrator for several blocks, Officer Kendrick lost him and called over the radio to canvass the area in search of the suspect. Minutes later, another unit spotted the perpetrator at 132nd and Willis Avenue. Focused on getting this dangerous man apprehended, Officer Kendrick rushed to the scene:

“I was so determined to catch this man because I knew how much of a threat he was to himself and the community. Drug abuse is a big problem in the South Bronx and the effects of these drugs can make a person extremely violent.”

When the man realized he was being followed by the authorities, he ran toward the Willis Avenue Bridge. After chasing the perpetrator over the bridge on foot, Officer Kendrick stopped a civilian and asked to borrow his bicycle in order to apprehend the fleeing man. Officer Kendrick pedaled for a half-mile and finally caught the suspect at 124th Street and 2nd Avenue. Police officers from the 26 Precinct in Manhattan helped restrain the perpetrator and escort him into an ambulance. Thanks to Officer Kendrick’s relentless determination and this kind bystander, no people were hurt during this incident.

“I’m happy no one was hurt during the pursuit and that this man can finally get the medical treatment he needs,” said Officer Kendrick.