Brooklyn Detective ‘Saves’ Spider-Man & The X-Men

“The comic book community was very helpful. They came together and shared information about the stolen comics with each other and also cooperated fully with our investigation,” said Detective Victor Falcon of the 72 Precinct Detective Squad.

A Brooklyn package thief got more than he bargained for when he grabbed a box from the front of a Windsor Terrace home last month. Two rare comic books valued at over $12,000 had been mailed to a local collector and left on his doorstep. When the victim became aware of the theft he notified the 72 Precinct. Detective Falcon began his investigation with assistance from Neighborhood Coordination Officer  (NCO) Daniel McGrath. Police Officer McGrath conducted a video canvas of the area and acquired surveillance video, which allowed him to provide a description of the suspect to the Detective Falcon.

“I went to a local comic shop and I was told that someone had been trying to sell the comics just a few hours earlier. That happened in the next one I tried too,” said Detective Falcon.

Subsequent to further investigation and the cooperation of comic shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Detective Falcon was able to get the phone number of the man attempting to sell the stolen comic books. On Monday, September 18, he set up a meeting to purchase the stolen property in front of a McDonald’s in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The seller was adamant that the deal had to be done that same day. Detective Falcon, who was working that day at another assignment related to the United Nations General Assembly returned to the precinct later that evening. He was able to meet with the seller who was in possession of the stolen comic books and arrest the suspect with the assistance from the 72 Precinct’s Anti-crime Team.

The two comic books were recovered and returned to their owner.

Arrested: Male 40

Charges: Criminal Possession of Stolen Property