Extra Security, New Bomb Detection Technology at US Open

(NBC NY)- Chief investigative reporter Jonathan Dienst goes behind the scenes with the NYPD and FBI as they work to keep New York safe during the U.S. Open

…The U.S. Open has its own security and operations center where cameras constantly scan the promenade, the stands and each court all at once.

Officials stressed there is no new threat at this time, but recent truck and bomb attacks in France, Great Britain, Spain and Germany were reason for general concern and heightened awareness.

“We are building out from our cement and building our way into the stadium to target-harden the stadium against a vehicle-born improvised explosive device as well as a vehicle ramming,” NYPD counter-terror chief James Waters said.

NYPD officials say the layers of security at the U.S. Open now rivals the kind of checkpoints and security in place at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Every ticket holder gets screened, and there is added manpower in place in zones of security stretching for miles.

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