Update On NYPD Officer Shot In Brooklyn

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O’Neill update New Yorkers on the NYPD police officer who was shot today (8/10) in Brooklyn.

The police officer is in stable condition at Jamaica Hospital.

Remarks as delivered by Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill:

At approximately 4:35 pm this afternoon, uniformed officers from the 75 precinct responded to a 911 call for an emotionally disturbed person at a private house located at 149 Ridgewood Avenue in Brooklyn, that’s in the 75 precinct. The caller reported that her 29-year old son was not violent and reported to be unarmed and present with her in the home.

The first responding radio car team was admitted into the residence along with EMS personnel. One officer approached the rear of the apartment, along with EMS personnel. Another officer went to the rear of the building after being told by the mother that her son may try to flee through a back door.

As the first officer approached the rear bedroom, the subject fired several shots, striking the officer several times. He was struck once in the right arm and twice in the protective vest.

The officer did not return fire, the injured officer, who is 30-years old and has been on the force for just over two years was treated by EMS on the scene and removed here to Jamaica hospital, where he is alert and in stable condition and the Mayor spoke about our conversation with him, brave young man.

Immediately after the shooting, the 29-year old subject remained in the rear bedroom and we just got an update from the scene that the ESU emergency services did make entry into the apartment into the bedroom, where they discovered the subject was deceased with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and two guns were recovered by his side.

I also want to thank the responding EMS technicians and the medical staff here at Jamaica hospital not only for today, but for every time we come here, the absolute professional way that they treat us and I really like to thank Jamaica hospital for all that. So police officers once again doing their job going to the scene and thank goodness the officer is going to be fine. They said recoveries is going take a while, but I saw the injuries I spoke to him, spoke to his partner and they’re going to be fine, it may take a little time though.

Gun recovered at scene.

Gun recovered at scene.

Ammunition recovered at scene.