Officers Receive CompStat Award for Speedy Apprehension of Armed Robbery Suspects

Last week, police officers from the 66 Precinct received the CompStat Award for apprehending three suspects wanted for armed robberies. On July 15th, Officers Jaiman, Alter, and Ramirez responded to a 911 call regarding a gunpoint robbery at a gas station within the confines of the 66 Precinct. Equipped with a description of the perpetrators and their getaway car, the officers searched the area. Although they were unable to immediately locate the suspects, the officers continued to canvass the neighborhood and remained vigilant throughout their tour.

Later that night, the officers were patrolling the streets when Officer Jaiman spotted a vehicle that matched the description given during the earlier robbery. The officers quickly devised a plan and tactically approached the vehicle. Considering the suspects’ vehicle was parked illegally, Officer Jaiman engaged the three occupants in conversation regarding the potential dangers of double parking. This gave Officers Alter and Ramirez time to conduct a close visual inspection of the vehicle. After only a few moments, the officers observed a black firearm on the rear seat next to one of the perpetrators. The officers arrested all three perpetrators without incident.