NYPD Officers Help Celebrate Manhattan’s 111 Street Old Timers Day

L to R: PO Nieves, NCO PO Smith, PO Arcega

“It is a big event for us; we had about 3,000 people this year. It’s always good to see the old timers back on the block,” said Police Officer Peter Gibbons, the 23 Precinct’s community affairs officer.

The 23 and 28 Precincts co-hosted the 111 Street Old Timers Day last month in Manhattan. The long running street fair has been held for 49 years and is a celebration of the people who have made the block their home over the past five decades. The “old timers” as locals say, are past and present residents who get together to swap stories, shop at vendors and play stick ball.

Police Officer Smith, one of the 23 Precinct’s Neighborhood Coordinating Officers (NCO), had an extra reason to take part in the festivities as the 111 Street area is in her sector. Other police officers from the two commands were also there connecting with their neighbors and letting them know how to contact them.