Community and Police Partnership Stops Graffiti Vandalism

(L-R) PO Handle, PO Perkins, Sgt. Feasel, Lt. Bracero, PO Hunter, PO Noa

“When I first started as the 19 Precinct Special Operations Lieutenant I knew graffiti was a community concern on the Upper East Side,” said Lieutenant Robert Bracero of the 19 Precinct.

On Wednesday, August 2, police officers assigned to the special operations team at the 19 Precinct arrested a  49-year-old man who was charged with more than 80 counts of making graffiti. The man had been suspected of vandalizing the Upper East Side of Manhattan for over a decade. The officer in the 19 Precinct worked closely with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to identify as many of the cases as possible.

Thanks to a close working relationship with neighborhood residents, 19 Precinct police officers were able to gather valuable information that led to a suspect being arrested, addressing the community concern.

“It was great to get so much community cooperation,” said Lieutenant Bracero. “A local business owner provided us with surveillance video that helped build the case.”