Brooklyn Officers & Local Students Team Up to Rid Their Neighborhood of Graffiti

“Graffiti is a neighborhood problem- cleaning it up is a neighborhood solution! That’s why we are all hands on deck to keep Mill Basin graffiti free,” said Officer Benjamin.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) and Community Affairs Officers from the 63 Precinct teamed up with Brooklyn students to help solve a quality of life issue in the community. As part of their daily work, NCOs and Community Affairs officers survey the neighborhood in search of locations that have been vandalized by graffiti. Through their interactions with community members, the officers encountered a local business owner who was troubled by graffiti on his storefront.

With the help of Millennium Development, a local community organization, the 63 Precinct officers were able to address this complaint. A few days after the initial interaction with the store owner, 63 Precinct officers and students from I.S. 78 were on site with paint cans and rollers. Police Officers Benjamin, Hibbert, and McGirt enjoyed collaborating on this initiative because it gave them an opportunity to bond with students while improving their command. Officer Benjamin said:

“We like the neighborhoods we live in to be graffiti free and the community we serve deserves the same treatment.”

The officers of the 63 Precinct will continue listening to the community’s complaints to help improve the daily lives of the people in their precinct.