Born in Grief, New Group Helps Families of Slain Officers

Officer Philip Campbell of the New York City police department greets Deputy Chief Sonny Lynch of the Clinton, Mo., police department. Credit Christopher Smith for The New York Times

(Al Baker/NY Times)- A lieutenant liked the idea: he got together with two fellow officers, started a GoFundMe page, applied for nonprofit status and opened a new chapter of the Chicago group, the Brotherhood for the Fallen. Officers travel on their own time to attend funerals.

Three years later, hundreds of New York City officers have joined the group, which last year sent officers to 61 funerals all over the United States, from Arizona to Alaska to Virginia…

“We’re going there to help run the funeral and help move the coffin,” Lt. Giorgio said.

“And the Brotherhood is going there to stand arm in arm with other officers who come from across the nation, to show respect.”

Jamie Carrigan, 32, said the presence of the group eased his family’s sense of isolation at the funeral of his older brother, Nate Carrigan, a corporal in the Park County sheriff’s office, in Bailey, Colo., who was killed on duty.

“It helped me and my family understand that we were not really as alone as we felt at the time,” Mr. Carrigan said.

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