(BKLYNER) NCO Summer Safety Meeting in Brooklyn

NCO Sean Callendar with his partner Junior Sesay are in charge of Sector D (Nathan Thompson / BKLYNER)

FLATBUSH — Like much of the community related machinery (Community Board, Neighborhood Association meetings,) the Precinct Community Council takes a break for the summer.   Some residents feel the police precinct meetings are one event that should not break then.   As life heats up in the summer, connections to the NYPD are needed the most.

So it is with genuine excitement for some of us to learn of these “Safety Meetings” happening in each sector of the NCO areas in the 70th Precinct.  A smaller venue, with the Officers that literally focus on your neighborhood, can be more intimate and valuable than looking to compete with all the problems in the 168,000 person 70th precinct.

…Storeowners from Ocean and Caton were there, both thanking specific Officers for helping them clear out trouble.

“Look at that man over there, that Officer Batson, he and his partner have really saved me and I want to tell you.” Batson has been around Church Avenue for more than a decade.  The room knows him and applauded.

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