NYPD Fugitive Enforcement Officers Keeping NYC Safe

(L-R) Lieutenant John Bastedenbeck, Sergeant Derrick Johnson, Detective Matthew Brennan, Police Officer Marvin Luis, Police Officer Michael Shaw, Detective Michael Perez

Solid investigative work and collaboration between the Brooklyn North Warrants Violent Felony Squad and Brooklyn North Warrant Squad led to the arrest of a violent perpetrator crossing state lines. Detective Matthew Brennan of the Brooklyn North Warrants Violent Felony Squad was assigned to locate a wanted suspect for a shooting that occurred in East New York. The victim was shot several times and was hospitalized in serious condition. Through detailed investigation, Detective Brennan gained intelligence that the suspect had fled the state and was staying with family in the South.

On the evening of June 14, Detective Brennan received information that led him to believe the suspect was returning to Brooklyn from his stint down South. Although Detective Brennan was off duty, he contacted Detective Michael Perez and they immediately returned to work. The detectives met up with Lieutenant Bastedenbeck, Sergeant Johnson, Police Officer Luis, and Police Officer Shaw from the Brooklyn North Warrant Squad. After a brief tactical meeting, the team proceeded to the suspect’s last know location prior to leaving New York State.

The team strategically set up at the location and began to conduct surveillance. After a short time, the team observed a vehicle with Virginia license plates arrive at the location. The officers identified the wanted man and made the tactical decision to box in the vehicle. During the subsequent car stop, the team spotted two laser sight attachments on the back seat of the vehicle in plain view. Further investigation revealed a backpack inside the vehicle containing a loaded 9mm Smith and Wesson and a loaded .380 caliber Cobra. All three occupants in the vehicle were charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. The shooting suspect was additionally charged with assault for the non-fatal shooting.

Whether they are on duty or off, members of the Brooklyn North Warrants Violent Felony Squad and Brooklyn North Warrant Squad are ready to keep New York City the safest big city in America.